Correct attire for the hunter and fisherman
To prepare for the hunting season or fishing have long before it will open. Not the last place in this case is the choice of clothes and shoes. Because there…

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Correct attire for the hunter and fisherman

oTo prepare for the hunting season or fishing have long before it will open. Not the last place in this case is the choice of clothes and shoes. Because there will be no time to go shopping and look for something suitable, because all the free time you spend in the woods, holding a gun, or at the lake, trying to catch your own lunch or dinner. Given all the above, you should talk about what kind of clothes should be selected for activities such as hunting and fishing.

Sometimes firms that are engaged in manufacturing clothing for fishing or hunting, focus more attention on the beauty of the clothes and forget that such clothing should be comfortable and practical. Moreover, some companies even think that in the orange jacket, the hunter will be easy to hide in the reeds or grass. But it’s not so important, because real hunter certainly knows what he wants. Another thing beginners. Because they sometimes do not know what clothes to choose for hunting or fishing, what clothes would be more useful. Here they cost pinpoint and explain how to choose clothes for fishing or hunting and what qualities she should have.

Costume hunters and fishermen should possess a number of qualities, which are given below.

Comfort. This is a very important quality clothes for hunting or fishing. Such clothing should not hamper and restrict the movement of a hunter or fisherman, because in the first place should be the reaction. There is a possibility that a hunter or fisherman, making the wrong move can lose their long-awaited trophy.

Protection. Suit fisherman or hunter should fully protect it from natural disasters, and weather conditions. After all, the hunter often has to sit and wait for flying over lake duck.

Disguise. In the beginning of the article mentioned that the costume of the fisherman and the hunter needs to attract as little attention as possible, especially for hunting. The costume should correspond to the climatic zone in which the hunted. Reeds – something darker, grass – you need to wear a suit, which is dominated by green color.

Security. Fishing and hunting suits must be made of materials that will not bring harm to human health with prolonged wearing them. Water-repellent lining and full insulation must be made of safe materials.

When choosing clothes, you should know that, on what season you intend to purchase. In other words, do not wear winter clothes in summer and Vice versa, summer winter. If you are going to hunt in cold weather, wear clothing that will protect you from the cold and wind.

The choice of clothing should pay attention to the area in which you will be fishing or hunting. If the terrain suggests the presence of mosquitoes, then take the clothes that will hide your body, so that mosquitoes in search of food, could not get to him. To close the face, there are special hats with protective mask against mosquitoes. To protect your hands from nasty mosquito bites, buy gloves. But gloves should not hamper movement. Indeed, as already mentioned, one wrong move may result in your loss of production.