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All about the benefits of swimming in the pool


Thanks to swimming on the human body is a comprehensive health impact. The recognized benefits of swimming in the pool, which is an effective positive impact on the figure. Water treatments in this respect much better than regular aerobics, because by doing water exercises involve almost all the muscle groups, resulting in the figure is formed in proportion. Also to ensure that the body was in good shape, it is recommended hardening.

The benefits of swimming

With the help of swimming in the pool corrected the problems associated with the spine are unloading the intervertebral discs. Therefore, in order to form a correct posture, it is recommended that the pool since childhood. The benefits of swimming consists in burning the extra calories. Please note that after You swim, You have a good appetite. For example, professional swimmers consumed more daily calories than power athletes, and while they do not gain weight. The reason for this is the load given to not only the muscles, but the bones, joints and heart. The benefits of swimming in the pool is in the complex loads.

Being in the water, increases efficiency and increases endurance. When sailing is an active strengthening of the shoulder girdle, muscles of the arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Moreover, due to the additional loads of the joints acquired additional flexibility. Swimming is also useful to people who have problems with joints, back, excess weight, and also during pregnancy. Swimming in the pool is not contraindicated for people with limitations in strength sports since a heavy load given to the body in the water, are perceived much easier. Swimming is the safest activity as a minimal chance of injury.

The effect of swimming in the pool on the circulatory and nervous system

While swimming reduces blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Swimming helps to normalize heart rhythm and blood circulation, improve elasticity of blood vessels and heart muscle, has a positive effect on blood flow, therefore, the body is oxygenated. Because during the voyage involved the entire area of the lungs, increases resistance to hypoxia.

Another example of what is good for swimming, is beneficial influence exerted on the nervous system. This is due to the fact that during the voyage the impact is on the entire body, what causes a kind of relaxing, massaging effect.

The impact of sailing on a dream

During the research it was revealed that swimming is the best cure for insomnia. After class, noticed the increased attention and General emotional background. In addition, the body produces immunity to colds, so those who have been swimming in the pool, it is not subject to vagaries of weather and acute respiratory diseases.

Thus, the benefits of swimming in the pool is clear. Swimming is good for the promotion of health, restoration of the body after suffering physical and psychological injuries, but also contributes to reducing or maintaining weight. When swimming in the pool in the process of respiration involves all parts of the lungs, even the most remote, thus preventing the possibility of the occurrence in them of stagnation. The benefits of swimming in the pool, which affects breathing, noticeable even at the household level: once the person has regularly engaged in swimming, quickly walked or climbed the stairs for several floors, his breathing does not change.