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Bandages ankle

When necessary ankle orthoses

The ankle clamps are applied more widely, not only during training or after an injury, the doctor may prescribe wearing them for a number of diseases, among which:

Arthrosis and arthritis

Sprain ankle

When damage to the Achilles tendon

When the joint is chronically unstable

The use of bandages in the ankle allows you to avoid re-injuring the affected limb.

The bandage on the ankle Mueller ANKLE SUPPORT to buy in .

Where and how to buy the band around the ankle

In the online store *** a wide range of clamps ankle . from products with light compression to the rigid fixation of a joint using an 8-shaped straps. You should pay special attention to the prices, they are lower than for similar goods in other outlets.

Are implemented, only those items that are certified, high quality and safe. They are all produced of large reliable companies, both in Russia and abroad. To from wearing headgear was a benefit, not harm, it is necessary to buy the goods of well-known companies specializing in the production of these products.

Protection of the Ankle joint

Most often the ankle joint needs to be protected in athletics disciplines (running, jumping, Jogging) and team sports (football, basketball, volleyball, handball).

Light ankle bandages due to the rapid heating of the ligamentous apparatus and improve muscle

coordination will help to prevent injuries of the ankle joint. For secondary prevention orthoses are used with stiffening elements that create the outer stabilizing frame. During the rehabilitation period after injuries are used both types of orthoses – like light bandages and a more rigid structure latches.

Experts of our online store to pick up the model range. bandages, clamps and calipers ankle, which perfectly protects from injury with an active lifestyle, as well as more serious, proven business model, rigidity and versatility which helps with recovery from injury and prevents the relapses.

Our consultants will gladly help you choose the best model for the price and required features.

Order and buy our products, you can through the basket and over the phone.

Shipping the ankle clamps are delivered at Moscow, Moscow region and across Russia.

Read more about delivery to the regions in the delivery section

How to protect the ankle from injury and likely to be rehabilitated after them?

The injured ankle received while playing sports, are frequent, as well as damage to the knee. When playing Rugby, tennis, football, basketball, hockey and other team sports damage of this Department are frequent nuisance for athletes. This is not surprising, because the slightest awkward movement or running on a bumpy surface will be enough to tuck the foot and tearing ankle ligaments.

The clips and bands, designed for the ankle joint, not only aimed at protecting the ligaments from injury, but also for fast recovery of injuries. The bandage is selected depending on the purpose and complexity of the injury. To prevent the appearance of ankle joint damages fairly light support bandage. Complex and severe injuries requiring lengthy treatment and recovery, faster cure, using special reinforced complex bands on the ankle.

Our online store boasts of a wide range of pins and bandages for ankle joint. Different price, different complexity and density – we have every professional athlete and an Amateur will be able to find what they need regardless of age, sex and complection features.