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A healthy body and perfect figure


You read fashion glossy magazine and decided to buy myself a blouse (t-shirt, jeans, top) as the model? Well, if Your figure is as perfect as the cover girl. What to do if the waist is wider by a few inches? Modern fashionable clothing is sewn with tight tolerances thanks to what looks great and emphasizes the refinement of each of the fairer sex. However, and dress her can not all. Regular life often contributes to excess weight, which eventually automatically goes straight to my hips. Of course, any trendy clothes to speak in such case is not necessary.

If You still want to have a perfect figure. you need to follow some rules, otherwise the weight gain is inevitable. As you know, much harder to lose weight than to maintain its shape at the same level. Will identify the main points that nutritionists pay attention.

1. Regular eating. It is proven that diet is harmful to health. Any diet, built on fasting, will eventually lead to deterioration of General health. Besides, after the lost weight often comes back, because the body begins to stock up fats field of the hunger strike. Plus there’s a couple of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Better not check fact dubbed by example, believe me, many people have walked this path.

The Western model not eat three times a day, and five or six times, due to which the body quickly digests the food, and the figure remained slim and sexy. Rich Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a thing of the past, is now becoming the norm separate reusable food.

2. Hollywood Actresses constantly monitor not only for the composition of their food (calories), but also for its quantity. In fact, we also have at school are taught to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. Overeating is good for the figure never went. Food should be thoroughly chewed, not rush. We all know this rule, but not always adhere to it.

3. Choose natural fresh food. For example, canned fruit will bring in tens times less good than their fresh “brethren”. Not to mention the chemicals that are added to the product in the process of conservation. It negatively affects the gastro-intestinal tract, which ultimately is reflected in the figure, waist, thighs and buttocks. Perfect slender European models often exclude from your diet any unnatural foods.

4. Limit your intake of sweets. This does not mean you have to completely deny yourself small pleasures. A piece of chocolate tea is perfectly valid, it is important not to overdo it with the quantity.

5. Physical activity. Remember, no pill can not be compared with the fitness exercises or simple aerobics in the morning. America has already walked this path, and today their nutritionists have proven that chemicals causing irreparable harm. You need stomach problems a couple of years? Hardly.

Today fitness has become firmly established in the life of virtually all the stars of show business. The Hollywood model required a perfect figure not only proper nutrition, and regular physical exercise. Of course, their income allows you to attend expensive gyms with experienced consultants, however, this does not mean that Russian girl is obliged to behave similarly. Ten minutes of exercise in the morning (at least morning exercises, as in physical education classes in school) will produce an excellent effect, after a while You will notice it on your waist. For example, you can buy step platform in Odessa. The folds will disappear, skin will become firmer and more elastic.

That’s advice. Nothing is impossible, right? If to adhere to them, Your perfect (or almost perfect) the figure is not going to disappear, will be with You from childhood to old age, any trendy clothes are always perfectly sit on Your waist.