Useful properties of carrots
  Carrot is one of the most versatile vegetables that are very nutritious and healthy. Carrot is one of the traditional ingredients of juice. It not only tastes good, but…

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The most effective workout on the treadmill
  Workout on a treadmill, like any sphere in our life begins with purpose. Without it, I advise you not to even start, because you will very quickly drop classes…

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Our recommendations Fitness treadmill


How to choose a treadmill?

For a correct choice it is necessary to understand what a treadmill is more suitable for your workouts.

Each treadmill is designed to offer ease of use in a wide range of speed through structural elements such as a moving canvas, the power of the engine. This directly affects the size of the track and its price.

What track is perfect for your workouts

The choice of your treadmill should correspond primarily targets your workouts: you practice a simple walk? Active walk? Jogging? Running? The combination of different types? For a correct choice it is necessary to understand what a treadmill is more suitable for your workouts.

From 1 to 8 km / hour, you gain experience in your walking workouts (from “slow” to “sports” walk). As of 8 km / hour, your practice goes to Jogging and then to running.

Path to walk more compact than a treadmill.

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Cross-country skiing classic fitness


Cross-country skiing belongs to cyclic sports. This means that the skier repeatedly repeats the same motion, and his body is functioning with sufficient supply of oxygen, in aerobic mode. This cardio workout — the best way to burn calories, cardiovascular system, lungs, spine, as well as keeping yourself in great shape.

The desired effect in this case gives a high intensity of physical exercise and its duration. When walking on skis work all major muscle groups. Unlike running, there are no shock loads on the joints of the

feet, allowing you to enjoy skiing even for those who have problems with joints. A wide range of loads allows precise dosing of physical activity, which means that the skis — the best sports for people with overweight and poor health. Moreover, a long ski trips relaxing effect on the nervous Continue reading

A healthy body and perfect figure


You read fashion glossy magazine and decided to buy myself a blouse (t-shirt, jeans, top) as the model? Well, if Your figure is as perfect as the cover girl. What to do if the waist is wider by a few inches? Modern fashionable clothing is sewn with tight tolerances thanks to what looks great and emphasizes the refinement of each of the fairer sex. However, and dress her can not all. Regular life often contributes to excess weight, which eventually automatically goes straight to my hips. Of course, any trendy clothes to speak in such case is not necessary.

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