Safe exercises for pregnant women
  The second trimester of pregnancy, most women are exhausted by the exhaustion and morning sickness of the first trimester and part of the Golden period where they will feel…

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All about slide aerobics. Slide aerobics
Slide aerobics is one of the types of force aerobic exercise program on a special track-slide, designed to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, major muscles of the body and…

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Losing weight on a treadmill – reviews, calories


As a means for weight loss many people choose running. It not only helps you shed pounds, but also has a restorative effect on the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and lungs, increases stamina, improves metabolism. However, not all and not always get to run in the Park or at the stadium – in the winter especially not run, and the matching Jogging paths nearby may not be. Treadmill – a great replacement for running on the street. We will tell you about how to set up your weight loss on a treadmill.

Use treadmill for weight loss, as with any aerobic activities (practice-related palpitations), is effective for a sufficient duration of training not less than 20 minutes. The optimal workout time – 40 minutes or even an hour. During this time, you will burn 300 to 700 calories on the treadmill. Such training can lead to intense burning of calories, but it is better to combine them with other types of load – for example, with strength training to not only lose Continue reading

Manual to the treadmill for dog


This statement is very General for all types of treadmills (intended for people) and supplemented with new paragraphs on use case

for training dogs.


Before proceeding to the exercises, consult your doctor.

Important precautions when using a treadmill

Do not practice on a treadmill without reading and instruction.

Before each workout, check to be sure they are tight the bolts and nuts of the treadmill.

For safety reasons, keep to the simulator young children.

Do not allow them to practice without supervision.

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Stretching for runners – protection from injury


About the need to stretch after running and exercise is known to everyone. But stretch is helpful and during exercise. Just a minute pause and a few stretching exercises will help to avoid fatigue and oppression of the muscles to improve health.

Stretching for runners

Their experience of effective stretching shares known sports editor of the online magazine, fitness instructor, runner and triathlete Alice Palmer.

If you are already warmed up, run comfortably and your muscles feel great, stretching may seem like a waste of a useful training time. Nevertheless, it gives a lot of advantages – reduces the risk of injury, helps overcome the injuries that can improve Continue reading